How To Build Your Online Tribe- Get More Referrals!

Updated: Nov 23, 2020

In a world where “market share” has turned in to “attention share” there is a lot of messaging around building your “tribe” online. What does this really mean though?

To me, building a tribe means building a consistent followers base excited to learn about, and share your ideas, content, and messaging with their network. A tribe is more than just followers. These are the people who truly know you, like you, and believe in you and what you are providing to the world. These are your advocates who can’t help but talk about the impact they have received from you or your business.

So, how do we create a tribe who passionately and positively shares your name with their network?

Here are my top FIVE ways to start building your BEST tribe!

1. Educate Educate Educate

We all are bombarded with constant advertisement type messaging all day, every day. “Buy me! Follow me! Be afraid of this! Don’t be afraid of that! My product is better than this product!” and the list goes on and on. So how do you stand out in a world of noise? Be the educator! People will always buy from people they know, like, and TRUST. By educating your followers you are offering them VALUE they can apply to better themselves, their family, their business and their life! As their lives are improved from your educational content, you are building your trust with your tribe and positioning yourself as the expert.

2. Speak From Your Heart

Trying to copy-cat a member of your business community is not ever going to yield in the same results they had. One of the reasons people like Grant Cardone or Tony Robbins are so popular is because they are authentically themselves when they speak to an audience. People can smell ingenuity like they can smell a dirty cat box. When you speak from your heart people can sense your authenticity, and passion for what you are speaking about. In a world where connections are easily made, we are extremely disconnected and always looking for the “speaker” we can connect with. Take it from me, be authentic in everything you do and say. The positive results may surprise you!

3. Pick your platform- and be consistent!

Each social media platform serves a specific purpose. For instance- YouTube is GREAT for video content especially if you are planning on doing live content that you want to be able to access later. Facebook is awesome if you are targeting the older generations, and want to use groups as a tool to build your tribe. There is a lot of information you can find out there on the demographics, and usage for all of these platforms. Or check out my other blog on Which Social Media Platform Is Best For You. . Once you pick the platform you feel is right for you, STICK WITH IT! Keep in mind, building a tribe takes time and effort. Humans inherently love consistency. Our world is filled with so much unknown chaos we LOVE to have schedules and things we can rely on. I suggest downloading my Content Calendar for FREE in order to better plan and remain consistent. As you drip out juicy content, consistently, you will build enthusiasm for your new tribe. As they get accustomed to your schedule they will start inviting their friends to view your content. Don’t be afraid to get creative with it. After all, someone had to come up with the idea for Thirsty Thursdays (thank you whoever had this great idea).

4. Everyone’s a critic… thank God!

One of the best things about online sharing and social media is our ability to get instant response opinions that are often unfiltered. Wouldn’t you rather know if your content can be improved upon? Of course you do! Because you want to build a tribe of people INTERESTED in what you have to say! Listen to your followers feedback and criticism. Thank them for offering their time and feedback so you can improve and produce great quality content that they will be excited to see and share. Be polite and grateful. Remember though- don’t stress the haters. There are some people that just need to be nasty to others and an online platform is a great stress reliever for them. There is a huge difference between great feedback, and being out right rude. If someone is out right rude- thank them for their feedback and shake off the negativity. Just move on with your life. You know who these people are, so don’t take offense when they send their negative attacks. Be like Taylor Swift and shake it off- just shake it off.

5. Be easy to find

Hashtags are a great way to improve your “searchability” ranking. There is a lot of debate on hashtags but let me tell you what their actual purpose is. Hashtags are part of the social media platforms algorithms. Basically what you are telling the system is “hey algorithm… my content is about THIS (insert hashtag). So when people are searching for this topic this is relevant content.” That’s it guys. That is ALL hashtags are really used for. I suggest you piggy back off popular hashtags, news worth hashtags (Thanks COVID for bringing all my posts up higher in the rankings), AND your own personalized hash tag that you encourage your tribe to use when they post relevant content. The more the hashtag is used, the more the algorithm picks it up as “viral content”. Once it is considered “viral” by the algorithms your posts or content will be shown even more. The social media platforms goal is to make their users happy, and deliver interesting content. By using hashtags, and searchable keywords in your content, you are allowing the platform to reward you and help you build a stronger tribe.

So that’s IT guys! Building a tribe simply takes time and effort. Be consistent, be valuable, and be easy to find. I have every confidence in your ability to grow a super strong tribe that advocates for your business!

If you are stuck and cannot seem to build your tribe fast enough or strong enough, give me a call for a free consultation.

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