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How To Network Like A Rockstar!

1. Create Emotion

a. How would it feel if…

b. A lot of my clients tell me they feel….

2. Paint a picture

a. Use visual words when you are starting.

i. Imagine

ii. What if I told you it didn’t have to be this way

iii. Picture this

iv. Remember an instance..

3. Tickle the pain, but don’t drown people in it.

a. Identify your ideal clients pain! Expose their pain without dwelling on it.

b. What are your clients Googling to find you? People search on Google to solve their problem. This helps you identify what problem they are hiring you to solve.

4. Be authentically you!

a. Purple hair? DON’T CARE! People buy from people they know like and trust. Being authentically you establishes trust, and gets people to like you.

5. Use value based language

a. Focus on the results. What value do you bring? Do you help people have a small butt? Do you help people double their income? What value are you creating?

6. Stick to one point!

a. Entrepreneurs tend to have multiple businesses and streams of income. Do not share everything you do all at once. Stick to promoting one business, unless all of your businesses work in conjunction to solve multiple problems in the same category.

7. Read the audience.

a. Pay attention to the struggles your other networking members are currently facing. Do you have a business that can solve those problems? If so, make sure you call out the problems specifically and explain (briefly) how you solve those problems.

8. KISS- Keep It Simple, Silly

a. People will get lost during your message if you over complicate it, explain too much at once, add personal information, etc. Keep your messaging simple, direct, short and to the point.

9. And Vs But

a. Using the word “but” transitioning your sentences causes our brains to tell us everything you just said before was false. Your message gets lost and the mind gets confused. When developing your script use the transition “and” in lieu of “but” to keep your listeners engaged.

10. Um, So, Like, You Know

a. These words are “filler” words people use when they need a moment to think. Unfortunately, they are extremely distracting to the listener and disengage them from your message. Replace these words by taking one breath in, and then keep talking. This takes time and practice so if and when you do say one of these words don’t panic, don’t start over, just take a breath and keep going. Practice with yourself in the mirror often. Tell your kids, your spouse and your friends to help “catch” you when you say these words in normal conversation. Over time, this pattern of speech with be your new habit!

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