Why do people purchase? The psychology behind what makes your customers buy from you…

Many of my clients come to me because they know they have a great product or service, but they just aren’t getting the number of clients they anticipated. More often than not, the reason they aren’t getting the results is because they don’t necessarily understand WHY people buy in the first place. Lets talk about this so that you can maximize your results, faster.

There are THREE reasons and THREE reasons only that people purchase ANYTHING. Wants. Needs. Affordability.

A want is something we will purchase simply for self-gratification. This is the STRONGEST out of the three reasons people buy because it stems from our EMOTIONS. Our emotional needs such as pride, joy, comfort, etc will supersede anything but the basic needs on the Maslow's Hierarchy charts. Think of the last time you made a purchase you didn’t really need... how badly did you WANT this product and what were you willing to do in order to get this product? Think about the lines out the door and around the corner every time a new IPhone is launched. Do those people all need new phones? Not likely, but they WANT new phones and are willing to stand in blistering heat or freezing cold to get them. Even though the price of IPhones has increased since its inception, people continue to pay the higher prices with excitement!

The next top reason people purchase is NEEDS. Needs are things like; toilet paper, shoes, clothes, etc. Needs satisfy our basic levels of Maslow’s Hierarchy and allow us to feel comfortable in our day to day. Now that being said- needs can be easily turned in to wants when you discuss a need using emotional trigger words. People NEED shoes, but WANT the newest Jordans. If you have a product or service that is needs based, how can you turn this need in to a want?

Affordability. The reason I say this is the least important of the three reasons why people purchase is because people will often find a way to afford the things they need or want. When was the last time you saved up for something you really wanted? In my sales career I have seen people borrow thousands of dollars to buy something they really wanted at the time. Often, sales people will make the great mistake of assuming that someone cannot afford something. If you have been told “I just cant afford it” what they are really telling you is “you didn’t convince me I need or want this product or service”. In some rare occasions people truly cannot afford what you are selling, but that’s why we do Prequalifying!

If you are stuck and still not getting the results you want- give me a call for a free consultation to learn what you may still be missing in your presentations.

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